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3 Reasons To Consider Franchising In An Airport

When people think of franchise locations, their first thoughts usually revolve around ancillary buildings and standalone units with huge parking lots. However, there’s one non-traditional location that sometimes flies under the radar — get where we’re going with this one? We’re talking about airports! While running through terminals to catch flights might seem like a quick & easy process, the truth is many travelers end up spending a lot of time in airports. After all, people need to eat! For that reason, Quaker Steak & Lube® has recently put a renewed focus on providing more flexible, non-traditional buildouts for franchisees to allow more aggressive growth in stadiums, colleges, kiosks, and airports. Here are a few reasons why opening a franchise in an airport is a great opportunity to consider.

1. Foot Traffic Abounds

It goes without saying that airports see a lot of foot traffic — we’re talking in the tens of millions annually, with some even peaking at over 100 million travelers per year! Opening a franchise in an airport as opposed to a traditional location provides access to an entirely new consumer segment, making it easy for travelers of all ages and demographics to be introduced to the high-octane dining experience that embodies The Lube.

2. Brand Awareness Opportunities

You’ve heard horror stories about the airport, where friends and colleagues get stuck waiting for a plane that seemingly never shows up. Fortunately, these less-than-ideal situations aren’t the only topics of conversation among travelers. Food frequently comes up when speaking of airports, especially if it’s good! Foodies love sharing their dining experiences with other food lovers, and the ‘Best Wings USA’ are sure to get people talking. (It also doesn’t hurt that inside the airport you’ve basically got a captive audience!) Guests can sit back and relax with a plate of wings, a nice entrée and a signature Lube-N-Ade to wash it all down — all while effectively marketing your franchise for future guests who can’t wait to order their own grub!

3. A Need is Fulfilled

Delays and layovers can sometimes trap passengers in their terminal for hours at a time. With not much to choose from in the air, travelers often turn to what’s available around the terminal — and most importantly, they’re looking for quality. Pairing our family-friendly atmosphere with a menu that satisfies everyone’s taste buds, The Lube offers something for everyone to enjoy while they’re waiting for their winged chariot to arrive.


Bring Quaker Steak & Lube® and its one-of-a-kind dining experience to your market. Opportunities for all location types are available! Please fill out our franchise application for more information or call 1-877-695-8231. Come expand Lube Nation with us!