Multi-Unit Ownership

Are You Up For The Challenge?

Our Concept Is Original

What once started out as a hub for motorsports enthusiasts grew into something bigger and better – a fun family casual dining restaurant that offers more than your usual eating experience. Between our crave-able food and our high-octane events, there’s always something going on at The Lube® — for everyone! And that, we believe, is one thing that sets us apart.

As Quaker Steak & Lube® continues to expand across the United States, we’re continuously looking for entrepreneurs ready to embrace multi-unit ownership.

Are you up for the challenge? If you answered yes, start your engines and reap these benefits!

Quaker Steak & Lube® Franchise Multi-Unit Ownership

Higher Reward

More locations can yield more success. By operating multiple restaurants, you can increase your market share and more efficiently spread your costs. Additionally, multi-unit franchising opens the door to greater brand incentives. For example, as a multi-unit Quaker Steak & Lube® franchise owner, we offer a 0.25% reduction in our royalty rate upon opening your third restaurant and another 0.25% reduction when you open your fourth.

More Freedom & Flexibility

Monetary perks aren’t the only benefit of multi-unit ownership with us – there are personal benefits, as well. As a single-unit owner, you spend most of your time in the trenches. But when you start to expand, you begin to move from the operations side of your business to the development side. With this comes the necessity to invest in a solid infrastructure. Having the confidence in your team to “Live it, Love it, and Lube® it” gives you the opportunity to work on the business side of your franchise.

Experience On Your Side

As a seasoned franchise owner, you’ve been through this process before. With a deeper understanding for how to market and grow your business, you’re much better prepared for any surprises that may come your way. Consider it less of a learning curve – you already have your foundation, now it’s time to apply it to the operation of your second location.

Multi-Unit Franchising Opportunities

Expert Leadership

TA Restaurant Group owns ten restaurant brands and operates over 650 restaurants across the United States – combined, they generate over a half billion dollars in revenue every year.

Being that TA is a Quaker Steak & Lube® multi-unit franchisee (they operate over 20 percent of Lube® locations), as a Lube® franchisee yourself, you’ll gain the following benefits from TA in addition to the benefits you gain from our franchise team:

  • The Starting Line Advantage. What this means is that Quaker Steak & Lube® will provide everything you need to take on the competition in each market – here, we focus on factors such as guests service and loyalty, training and menu support, marketing, systems and purchasing logistics.
  • Infrastructure and operations. We provide outstanding support IT systems, building design and construction, franchise operations and local store marketing, all of which are invaluable for our franchisees.
  • Most importantly, we recognize the importance of a partnership between brand owners and franchise owners, and thus we work hard to develop strong relationships.

Shared Marketing Dollars

With multi-unit ownership, you have more flexibility with how you’ll promote and market your locations. You can choose whether you’ll use one advertisement for all locations or create custom campaigns for each. Additionally, your marketing dollars work harder for you, allowing you more cost-efficient options for volume and marketing multiple locations within one advertising campaign.

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